May 1, 2022

Meat The Brand – Ergochef

Ergochef Brothers Scottand Mike
Name of the brand: Ergo Chef, LLC Ergo Chef Cutlery
How did you come up with the brand name? 
We began by designing an ergonomic chef knife for President of Ergo Chef and pro Chef Scott Staib. So we thought Ergo – short for ergonomic and Chef because he was a Chef. Hence we began in 2002 with the name Ergo Chef.
Your Name:
Michael Staib, Chef Scott Staibs Brother and Chief Marketer and designer.
4 Eagle Rd Danbury CT. 06810
When and why did you start the business?
 We started designing knives in 1996 to address the issue of pain from carpel tunnel and tendonitis Chef Scott Staib (My brother was experiencing in the kitchen. We designed a few knives in our dad’s machine shop with his engineers. A design we now have helped Scott and many chefs relieve strain and pain in their hand wrist and forearm so we began the company in 2002 selling one 8” Chef knife and 1 Diamond sharpener.
BBQ can have different meanings to different people, what does it mean to you?
 Delicious smoked meats which bring so much comfort and flavour when enjoying with family and friends. BBQ is a way to enjoy life and explore different flavour profiles by using different spices and sauces as well as woods.
From your experience, what tips could you offer? 
Get a great Temp gage for your grill and a digital quick read thermometer – so weather your cooking low and slow or hot and fast you nail the temp and get that meat tender and the way you love it!
What would you say your best seller is and why?
 12” Slicer knife for BBQ’rs – It’s razor-sharp 12” blade slices meats and brisket perfectly. The nonslip grip handle keeps you in control and it is value priced.
A Close 2nd and worth a mention is our 8” Pro 2.0 Chef knife – It’s a Must-have in the kitchen – “The Workhorse” If you grill, cook or are a chef you have one in your kit, if not you need one!
What are your future goals?
 We would like to continue to provide cutting-edge cutlery and designs for the BBQ community as well as the cooks and chefs in the world while maintaining our value pricing. I’m currently testing some stainless steel pan designs with a removable handle and am excited to see these be produced by the end of 2022 and offered to our customers.
In what way could BMC members benefit from our partnership?
 BMC members can benefit by always receiving a discount price on our products and special Flash sales of items throughout the year. We are always open to feedback and bringing new products to life that members would like to see.
Ergochef banner
Ergochef banner