Jul 12, 2022

Meat The Brand – Full Boar BBQ

Full Boar BBQ

Name of the brand:
Full Boar BBQ

How did you come up with the brand name?
Myself and my high school buddies were all hanging out at my farm a couple weeks before
our first ever competition. We were all about 20+ Busch Lights deep and started
brainstorming what we were going to call ourselves. A combination of myself and other team
captain Alex finally strung the three words together. After that we stayed up and made this
terrible sign that still goes with us to competitions.

Your Name: Jacob Lubbers


Age: 31


Location: Knoxville, TN


When and why did you start the business? As a competition team we started in 2012, The business side of things started in late 2019-2020. After winning the Kentucky state championship and a couple other comps for the second time I made the decision these flavours worked.


With Covid upon us and forced to be at home I was able to get the process done much faster than I normally would have with all that extra time. I pride myself on taking advantage of the time I was given to build something I think is worth having.


I started this business to share our flavours but have found an excellent by-product of being able to give back. I have been able to support local fire departments, sports teams, and our armed forces. Being passionate about these things it has been very cool being able to help out a little bit!


BBQ can have different meanings to different people, what does it mean to you?

BBQ is friendship to me. This stuff is on the cooker for a while people let’s be honest. You better have a few good friends to “watch it” with you. When I think of BBQ I think of the event it created. Whether it was a competition, a backyard cook, or even a cool catering event there are memories.


BBQ is a large part of my past, a skill I hone daily and weekly, and I hope it is a huge part of my future. This company looks to be a large part of that.


From your experience, what tips could you offer?

Start with chicken and then try everything. Don’t let a meat scare you. I have done everything from squirrel legs to whole hogs at this point. I certainly remember the mess ups but I remember them as lessons and do not ever regret them. 


What would you say your best seller is and why?

I would say my best seller is my black label steak and chop rub but every flavour has it’s place and store where it has taken off. I have repeat customers buying my 17th and Vine Sauce and Garden, Barn, and River Rub by the case on repeat so to each his own. But, by pure numbers The Black Label Steak and Chop Rub takes the cake. The reason you ask….because its good as hell.


What are your future goals?

My goal is to be able to give no less than 10K a year to charities of my choice while making this my full-time job. I still answer to a corporate ladder but my heart lies everyday with BBQ.


In what way could BMC members benefit from our partnership?

To put my products on your shelf, in your kitchen, and on your grill, I could simply say you are lucky enough to share these great flavours with us. As a small, American owned business, and I probably am overstating this a bit, I like to think support for me is support for our American economy. I have always been raised to buy products with an American made sticker on them and am happy to be able to say I am lucky enough to be born in this wonderful country and am able to have the opportunity to share my passion with you.




Full Boar BBQ rubs
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Full Boar Products save 10%