Sep 11, 2022

Meat The Brand – Hey Grill Hey

Name of the brand:

Hey Grill Hey LLC

Your Name:

Susie Bulloch




St. George, UT USA

When and why did you start the business?

Hey Grill Hey started as a recipe food blog to provide free recipes and techniques to beginner BBQ enthusiasts. Especially, I wanted to empower women or anybody who was intimidated by grilling and BBQ to step outside and fire up the smoker.
BBQ can have different meanings to different people; what does it mean to
you? BBQ means gathering my family and friends around a delicious meal and making core happy memories around food.

From your experience, what tips could you offer?

You can use any grill or smoker that you want and still make amazing BBQ. Just take the time to get to know your grill and how it cooks, and start with an easy cut of meat like
steak, pork shoulder, or pork ribs. The #1 tool in my arsenal is a really great
handheld meat thermometer. Always cook to temperature and not time.
What would you say your best seller is and why? Our Sweet Rub. It has
always been one of the most popular recipes on my website, and my
followers literally begging me to bottle it is what got us into making and
distributing our own line of products. It has a great balance of
sweet/savory/spicy and works perfect on Pork Ribs and Pork Shoulder.
What is your favorite recipe using one of your products (If you have any?)
Honestly, just the classic smoked pork ribs using my Sweet Rub and then basting on my Everything Sauce at the very end.

What are your future goals?

We want to continue growing our direct to consumer sales, as well as our small retailer network. Those small retailers
are the life-blood for other small business owners like ourselves and always
make for incredible partners in selling and distributing our products. We
also want to dive in and research the true BBQ roots here in America and promote those cultures as much as possible.

In what way could BMC members benefit from our partnership?
Hey Grill Hey is a well-known name across the grilling and BBQ space
because of our strong education platform on our social media channels,
YouTube channel, and recipe website. We’ll continue to provide recipes and
ideas to use our products in new and innovative ways, while still staying true to the classics.


We will offer 20% STORE-WIDE to BMC Members!

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