Apr 14, 2022

Meat The Brand – The Meatery

The Meatery

Name of the brand:

 The Meatery 

Your Name:

Nicholas Fiorentino




San Diego, CA

When and why did you start the business?

I started the business in 2020 during the height of COVID. I recognized that consumers were missing restaurants (and the quality of food they received at them), were more open to home delivery, and learned how to cook. It seemed like a great time to launch a service that delivered exceptional food to households.

BBQ can have different meanings to different people; what does it mean to you?

 BBQ in the literal sense to me implies low & slow cooking, and making something delicious out of lesser-desired meat. However, when I think of BBQ I never think of doing so alone. To me, BBQ is a great reason to bring friends and family together.

From your experience, what tips could you offer?

The best piece of advice I can offer is to really learn the BMS scale when graduating to Wagyu. Just because something is BMS 12 out of 12, does NOT make it the best steak FOR YOU. I personally prefer a BMS 9 Japanese. At this level, there is no “best” – it’s all great. It’s all about you.

What would you say your best seller is and why?

My best seller is my BMS 12 Australian Wagyu NY Strip. I’m traditionally a Ribeye guy, but this strip is packed with marbling and unbelievably tender/flavorful. 

What are your future goals?

My goal is to transform our website into an in-store experience. Let’s face it, nobody wants someone else picking out their steak. While we do a good job of it, we’re going to offer our customers the option to video chat live with our store staff and pick their exact steak(s) they’ll be receiving (and have any questions they may have answered).

In what way could BMC members benefit from our partnership?

BMC Members get 10% store-wise on all our products using the Club’s special code and can get one-on-one consulting with me before purchasing. 

Feel free to reach out at [email protected]

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The Meatery
The Meatery
The Meatery