Jul 31, 2022

Meat The Pitmaster – Jennifer Grissom

Jennifer Grissom

BMC is made of BBQ enthusiasts for BBQ enthusiasts!

We want to introduce a series of short interviews called Meat The Pitmaster! 

It’s an excellent opportunity to meet the people who represent BMC by developing recipes, spreading the BMC word, and representing us all online and offline!


Jennifer Grissom




St. Louis, Missouri


Recipe Creator and Grillmeister at Savor With Jennifer


When did you start getting into BBQ, and why?

I was 10 years old the first time I grilled. My friend and I had caught crawfish and bluegill at the creek and we decided we wanted to clean, BBQ, and eat them all on our own. 


What is your favorite BMC partner brand?

FOGO Charcoal. I love how clean it burns.

What are your favorite rubs/sauces?

I love making my own. Currently, I’m in love with a sticky Asian glaze and a peach chili sauce.

What is your winning recipe?

I have to pick one LOL? I enjoy making the whole meal on the grill when possible, from the main, sides, and even dessert. 


What is the most bizarre thing you make?

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos wings with a honey sriracha glaze. Crazy right? But crazy good.


What is BBQ for you?

I love to promote the backyard grilling experience as a whole, from having the kids help with the meal, music, friends, laughter, a cocktail, time spent together that all happens centered around the grill with recipes the whole family will enjoy, especially when you are looking for something beyond the basic cheeseburger.


Where else can we see you?


Other hobbies:

Gardening, boating, fishing.


Message to the nation:

I’m not a competition, award winning pit boss and I’m not trying to be. 

I’m a Backyard Home Grillmeister.

I’m not trying to teach anyone how to make the best brisket covered in the rub du jour of the moment, although I’m capable of that. I thrive on creating, grilling, or smoking recipes that make people think ‘Oh! I never thought of doing that with chicken thighs!’ Or ‘I didn’t know you could do that on the grill!’ 

Jennifer Grissom
Jennifer Grissom
Meat The Pitmaster - Jennifer Grissom
Jennifer Grissom
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