South Texas Hot & Spicy Smoked Beef Jerky

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30 Minutes

Smoke Time
4 Hours or to your desired texture

12 People


  •  3 LBS Top or Bottom Round
  •  South Texas Hot & Spicy Jerky Marinade
    1/3c Liquid Aminos or (low sodium soy)
    2 TBS Worcestershire Sauce
    1 TBS Brown Sugar
    1 TBS Chili Garlic Sauce
    1/2 tsp Garlic Powder
    1/2 tsp Onion Powder
    1 tsp Black Pepper
    1 tsp Uncle Steve’s South Texas Red or a Crushed Pepper Blend of your choice.

Adjust Ingredients to Your Taste, Make it  Your Own! Add more Chili Garlic Sauce or a Crushed Pepper blend to really amp up the Heat!

  • Notes- You can add a #1 prague powder to the marinade for curing if your like, use to manufacture recommended measurements.
I don’t use it, I just store my jerky in the fridge. It never lasts for more than a couple of days, it’s that Good!


Craig Rutkiewicz wrote this Recipe! 

Check his Youtube Channel for more smokey recipes!

Do ya like Beef Jerky? Well who doesn’t! I’m gonna show ya how to make Beef Jerky at home, it’s so simple…I’ll show ya how to make My South Texas Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky Marinade that’s gonna make your taste buds sing! this Jerky recipe can be done on any smoker, dehydrator, heck even in your oven at home!! Forget buying it from the store, I’ll Show you step by step how to make your own! Super Simple, Super Tasty! Make a double batch it goes fast!!

South Texas Hot & Spicy Smoked Beef Jerky


  1. Slice the meat against the grain into 1/8″ -1/4″ thick strips, about 1.5″wide
  2.  Mix the marinade ingredients together in a large bowl.
  3.  Add your meat to the marinade, cover, and place it in the fridge to let that Marinade do its magic! Min. 4 hours, overnight is best!
  4.   After your desired marinating time, Set your smoker to 150°-170°(I used my Yoder YS640s pellet smoker)
  5.  Remove your meat from the marinade, ( I place the meat strips on paper towels & pat dry to remove excess marinade, this helps to speed up the dehydrating process)
  6.  Pro Tip – Use wire cooling racks to layout your strips of meat. taking care not to allow pieces to touch. Using racks makes it easier to get into and out of your smoker, you can also stack multiple racks on top of each other if you’re doing bulk amounts.
  7.  Now Sprinkle the strips with Uncle. Steve’s South Texas Red (or a crushed pepper blend) to your taste.
  8.  Get your meat on the smoker for 2 hours, give them a check, flip & rotate the strips to promote an even dehydrating time, check back every hour, flipping & rotating till you reach. your desired doneness consistency.
  9.  Cool, and place in a sealed container in the fridge to store. Enjoy!


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